Our Story

The MENA region is full of sophisticated professionals with the means, desire and risk appetite to invest in high growth alternative assets. Unfortunately, profitable private investing is time consuming, and the best deals are reserved for those with exclusive access.

MENA Investor League (“MIL”) is a private investment syndication and advisory network that deploys capital into early-stage technology start-ups and crypto-assets. We source and manage investment execution for our members and provide strategic and fundraising advisory services to entrepreneurs.

Our member base consists of a diverse network of family offices, HNW individuals, and established professionals that come from backgrounds such as consulting, finance, technology, and entrepreneurship, yet share a passion for investing.

A Unique Approach To Investing

MIL sources and evaluates opportunities with a similar rigour to a venture capital firm, but raises funds and executes deals like an angel network. We believe that this high touch, low volume model is advantageous to our members.


Discovery & Sourcing

Investment opportunities are sourced through MIL's trusted global network based on the latest market trends and investment themes

Filtering & Analysis

Promising opportunities are analyzed and investment materials are prepared following a positive investment decision

Fundraising & Execution

Funds are collected into a single vehicle to gain preferential financial terms and the deal is executed on behalf of MIL members

Management & Reporting

Investments are actively or passively managed (vehicle-dependant) and progress reports are shared with investors on a timely basis

Exit & Profit Distribution

The investment exit process is managed and profits are distributed to all investors in crypto or fiat money